Bi - Bismuth


Atomic Number: 83
Atomic Weight: 208.98037
Element Type: Metal
Crystal Structure: Rhombohedral
Melting Point: 271.4°C = 520.52°F = 544.55 K
Boiling Point: 1564.0°C = 2847.2°F = 1837.15 K
Critical Temp: °C = °F = K
Atomic Radius: 1.63 Å (Å = Angstrom = 10-10 m)
Covalent Radius: 1.46 Å
Electronegativity: 1.9


(Ger. Weisse Masse, white mass; later Wisuth and Bisemutum) In early times bismuth wasconfused with tin and lead. Claude Geoffroy the Younger showed it to be distinct from leadin 1753.


The most important ores are bismuthinite or bismuth glance and bismite. Peru, Japan,Mexico, Bolivia, and Canada are major bismuth producers. Much of the bismuth produced inthe U.S. is obtained as a by-product in refining lead, copper, tin, silver, and gold ores.

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