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Here is another classic: The 'architects' of modern physics.
Eminent scientists - Solvay congress (1927)
This version of the classic photo has been 'embellished' by PhysLink's creator: Anton Skorucak.

From left to right:

[first row] (1) I. Langmuir, (2) M. Planck, (3) M. Curie, (4) H.A. Lorentz, (5) A. Einstein, (6) P. Langevin, (7) C.E. Guye, (8) C.T.R. Wilson, (9) O.W. Richardson

[second row] (1) P. Debye, (2) M. Knudsen, (3) W.L. Bragg, (4) H.A. Kramers, (5) P.A.M. Dirac, (6) A.H. Compton, (7) L.V. de Broglie, (8) M. Born, (9) N. Bohr

[third row] (1) A. Piccard, (2) E. Henriot, (3) P. Ehrenfest, (4) E. Herzen, (5) Th. de Donder, (6) E. Schroedinger, (7) E. Verschaffelt, (8) W. Pauli, (9) W. Heisenberg, (10) R.H. Fowler, (11) L. Brillouin.

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