At the Party with the Chemists

One day, all of the world's famous chemists decided to get together for a tea party. Fortunately, the doorman was a student, able to observe some of the guests......

  • Mendeleev arranged the table.
  • Democritus considered it unthinkable that he should not cut the cake.
  • Berzelius thought it was a symbolic occasion.
  • Kekule couldn't stop dancing around in circles.
  • All the females ended up knowing where to ring for Amadeo Avogadro (you work this out!)
  • Becquerel simply glowed.
  • Kelvin was a cold fish at the party.
  • Priestly was dephlogisticated.
  • The more Lavoisier ate, the heavier he became.
  • The more cakes Le Chatelier ate, the more appeared on the table.
  • Gay-Lussac was ejected from the party as he had a problem with gases.
  • Arrhenius dissociated himself from the whole affair.
Submitted by Ken Hargreaves and the Science Staff at Merewether High School in Newcastle Australia

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