At the Party with the Chemists

One day, all of the world's famous chemists decided to get together for a tea party. Fortunately, the doorman was a student, able to observe some of the guests......

  • Mendeleev arranged the table.
  • Democritus considered it unthinkable that he should not cut the cake.
  • Berzelius thought it was a symbolic occasion.
  • Kekule couldn't stop dancing around in circles.
  • All the females ended up knowing where to ring for Amadeo Avogadro (you work this out!)
  • Becquerel simply glowed.
  • Kelvin was a cold fish at the party.
  • Priestly was dephlogisticated.
  • The more Lavoisier ate, the heavier he became.
  • The more cakes Le Chatelier ate, the more appeared on the table.
  • Gay-Lussac was ejected from the party as he had a problem with gases.
  • Arrhenius dissociated himself from the whole affair.
Submitted by Ken Hargreaves and the Science Staff at Merewether High School in Newcastle Australia

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Science Quote

'I beseech you to take interest in these sacred domains so expressively called laboratories. Ask that there be more and that they be adorned for these are the temples of the future, wealth and well-being. It is here that humanity will grow, strengthen and improve. Here, humanity will learn to read progress and individual harmony in the works of nature, while humanity's own works are all too often those of barbarism, fanaticism and destruction.'

Louis Pasteur

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