Physics and Astronomy Departments in China

24 Departments

 University/College Department  Location
1.    Beijing Normal University   Physics   Beijing  
2.    Center for Space Science and Applied Research   Laboratory of Numerical Study for Heliospheric Physics   Beijing  
3.    City University of Hong Kong   Department of Physics & Materials Science   Hong Kong  
4.    East China Normal University   Physics   Shang hai  
5.    Foshan University   Department of Applied Physics and Communication Engineering   Foshan  
6.    Fudan University   Surface Physics Laboratory   Shanghai  
7.    Hong Kong Baptist University   Physics   Hong Kong  
8.    Hong Kong University of Science & Technology   Physics   Hong Kong  
9.    Lanzhou University   Physics   Lanzhou  
10.    Nanjing University   Astronomy   Nanjing  
11.    Nanjing University of Science & Technology   Department of Applied Physics   Nanjing  
12.    Peking University   Department of Technical Physics   Peking  
13.    Peking University   The Institute of Heavy Ion Physics   Beijing  
14.    The Chinese University of Hong Kong   Physics   Hong Kong  
15.    The Hong Kong Polytechnic University   Department of Applied Physics   Hong Kong  
16.    Tianjin University   School of Science _ Applied Physics   Tianjin  
17.    Tsinghua University   Center of Atomic and Molecular Sciences   Beijing  
18.    Tsinghua University   Department of Modern Applied Physics   Beijing  
19.    University of Hong Kong   Department of Mechanical Engineering   Hong Kong  
20.    University of Science and Technology of China   Physics   Hefei  
21.    University of Science and Technology of China   Department of Modern Physics   Hefei  
22.    University of Science and Technology of China   Center for Fundamental Physics   Hefei  
23.    Zhejiang University   Physics    
24.    Zhongshan University   Physics   Guangzhou  

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